Thursday, February 25, 2010

captain ridiculous

some days its the captain ridiculouses* of the world that keep you going.  this is one of those days.  if you have a favorite source of silliness please add it in a comment below.  we all need a stockpile to fall back on sometimes.

i like to make fun of hipsters sometimes.  partly cause i'm jealous of their ability to wear extremely tight pants, and partly because i miss getting to wear scrunchies and neon sunglasses.  oh 3rd grade, i miss you so.  also on my list of things i like: puppies.  imagine the combination.  glorious.   well done erin.

its late february and while part of me is really ready for spring there's another part that is still really really really jealous of the blizzard that hit the mid-atlantic.  i moved to new england from maryland and i am personally affronted that so far this winter their snow is kicking our snow's butt.  i know, i know... it was a lot of shoveling and there were some really big downsides, but secretly doesn't a tiny part of you want to do the inside out pajamas snow dance whenever you hear a storm is coming your way?

last year, and into this one, i spent probably 3 months searching for the perfect butter dish for my friend eileen.  she's a marine scientist and basically the only person who as a kid wanted to be a marine biologist (come on, we all wanted to swim with dolphins back then admit it) and then as an adult actually did it.  the marine biologist part, not the swimming with dolphins.  apparently that's not what most marine biologists do all day.  bummer.  anyways, this butter dish needed to be perfect.  the closest i found was basically a piece of art and way (way) too expensive for a butter dish that doesn't butter your toast for you.  in the end i had to have a dish custom made.  tell me that isn't ridiculous.  cause it is. 

my friend colin has something like this, but last time i was visiting he "forgot" to bring it out to show me.  probably because he knew i'd insist on chopping every piece of garlic within a 1.5 mile radius.  i guess i can't blame him too much.  this little guy is pretty silly, but also something i would totally use all the time.  ridiculous?  yes.  too ridiculous to be awesome?  no.

i stole this one from lauren, who never fails to appreciate the humor in almost any situation.  i know we've all heard more than we want to about tiger woods lately but, just like when they sent president obama a humane fly catcher, this ad makes me like peta more and more. 

*i know ridiculouses isn't a real word. 

photo from the world's weirdest championships.  amazing.

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