Wednesday, February 24, 2010

the very first post

do you ever come across something during your day that you just have to share with someone?  i do.  all the time.  i try to limit myself to only emailing silly nonsense to friends to a couple times a week or so.  its hard.  a friend of mine recommended that, instead of emailing all the things i come across that i think she should absolutely see, i start a blog.  i'll be posting a list of things i come across that i think are noteworthy, funny, interesting, discussion prompting, or that just plain caught my eye.  hopefully you'll see something you like too.  this way, i'll be passing notes to friends and almost-friends without jamming inboxes.  how great.

ps- thanks megan!  great idea!

today's notes:

how to make using your iphone more fun than it already is i feel like this little guy would make me smile every time i pulled it out... but i dont have an iphone.  my friend eileen does.

i'm planning a move this summer and i'm really excited about it.  every time i come across a really great d.i.y. online i have a hard time keeping from forwarding it on to my future room mate.  i have such plans for this stuff i can't even tell you.  i mean, really?  so much fun.  i hope you're ready lauren. 

i know its been mentioned lots of places before, but i'm so ready for spring i can taste it.  i can't decide if i'm brave enough to wear this to a may wedding but i guess we'll see.

i really really love food.  a lot.  between grad classes and a full time job i don't have as much time for cooking as i'd like so when a recipe comes my way that sounds delicious and is relatively easy i get pretty excited.  my room mates don't seem to mind too much either.  also, this recipe clearly indicates that my friend naomi is psychic.  

i'm a terrible voicemail leaver but since many of my friends live far away i try to stay in touch by phone whenever possible.  this is such a great collection of those awkward parts of phone talks that snag everyone at some point or another. 

blogs you should check out:

another lauren who is a magician in the kitchen
theo, who is awesome at life
a cheerful and lovely bostonian, nina, who posts about things that always make me smile

so, thats it for now, and welcome.  i'm glad you're here.

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