Sunday, March 21, 2010

i have been doing a really good job distracting myself lately (read: not doing my homework) with a whole bunch of different projects.  currently i am:
crocheting a blanket
writing a proposal for a thesis (that i dont think will actually get approved)
daydreaming about my future breakfast nook
practicing my ukulele more (i know almost 2 songs now)
searching out projects for my future apartment

i cant help but feel like a fun, home made chandelier would be perfect hanging in an unexpected little corner.  one with these incorporated would be pretty neat, and would prevent my black thumb from rearing its head.  right? 

also, i grabbed this from my cousin and it makes me laugh every time

i appreciate arti appreciate toast.  maybe i should also appreciate this, but i cant stop thinking its silly.

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  1. The chandelier sounds great!!