Tuesday, March 2, 2010


random announcement: hey, did you know that we are just 19 days away from spring?  well, we are.
i'm excited.

these baby mooses are clearly convinced that a people backyard is actually a moose playground.

i love that i live in a country where political and civil protest can happen without gross abuses of human rights.  i take certain protests very seriously and i absolutely tip my hat to those who are on the front lines.  that said, this is a collection of protests that, while potentially serious and meaningful, make me giggle.   be warned, after a couple funny ones there are some which are violent to animals and make me sad.  there are pictures.  so, you can skip those if you want. 

i know our country isn't that old, so we don't have a lot of medieval laws on the books (like, actual laws from the medieval ages) that haven't been cleared out.  we do however have some that indicate a clear presence of idiots amongst us.  and creative law makers.  we have those too.  who wants to go break some nonsense laws with me?  or be an official pickle tester?  anyone?

no comment.  really, how could there be a comment?  how?

*i'm not sure where i found this picture.  it reminds me of my friend andy, who is a photographer.


  1. I'm so excited for spring, so ready to wear flip flops and sun dresses and all that goodness!

  2. Oh that's a fab piece of information!! I can't wait for Spring. That picture has made me laugh so much!

    Have a fantastic week xoxo